Personal stories

Stories and experiences of mental health and the stigma and discrimination by friends, family or colleagues in their workplace.

Watch these videos to learn about mental health, share them with family and friends or in your workplace to encourage everyone to stampede stigma.

Rylee's story

Rylee is a survivor of alcohol and drug addiction and has experienced significant mental health challenges. Rylee shares her experiences of feeling alone, homeless and broken, and of never giving up hope after she found strength to overcome her challenges.

She has experienced stigma because of her past and talks about her resilience and passion to educate people about the effect of stigma in people’s lives.

Rylee shares important messages about not judging a person’s past, to learn more about mental health and how supportive a stigma free workplace can be. People with mental illness can use their experience to change culture and be valuable, contributing members of the community.

Daisy's story

Daisy is a mum, a friend, a wife and lives with a mental illness.

She describes her experience living with a mental illness since she was in primary school and how she was stigmatised when she needed support the most. She shares how stigma can affect decision making, relationships, her confidence and her experience of self-stigma.

Daisy shares how workplaces can play a role in reducing stigma and how they can be leaders in creating spaces to be curious and welcoming of diversity.

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