Workplace action

Help to remove fear and awkwardness around mental health by prompting colleagues to talk about it.


How to put action in your workplace

This provides you with resources and activities that you can use in your workplace with the aim to:

  1. Raise awareness of mental health
  2. Raise awareness of stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health challenges
  3. Open up conversations about mental health
  4. Review and consider how inclusive and supportive your workplace is of people with mental health issues

Work through this kit and determine what level of participation your workplace would like to engage in.

There are a number of ways your workplace can get involved depending on how comfortable it is with talking about and addressing mental health.

Awareness and information sharing

All organisations or workplaces can participate at this level. All workplaces that sign up to support Stampede Stigma are committed to reducing and eliminating stigma and discrimination in their workplace.

Here are some activities that you can hold in your workplace or with your teams.

Virtual or face to face morning tea

  • share information using the Stampede Stigma speaking notes
  • show our personal stories and campaign videos
  • distribute the language guide to staff
  • encourage staff to take our quiz
  • encourage staff to share this information with family and friends.

Virtual meeting backgrounds

Use virtual backgrounds for your screens if working remotely during October in Mental Health month.

Helpful resources

Embedding inclusive practices into organisational culture

If your workplace has awareness of inclusive work practices and current policies and procedures and have worked through the awareness and information sharing activities.

Well Together

Hold a Wellways Well Together workshop which provides training to assist organisations to explore how they can build a more welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone. Workshops are run by a qualified trainer and include a presentation from someone with a lived experience of mental health challenges and recovery. This can be held face to face or as a webinar.

Workplace policies

Review policies and procedures and to ensure standards for equality and anti-discrimination are included and note if they support inclusion.

Staff training

Provide staff with information about the expectations of inclusive practice and provide or offer training on inclusive work practices and behaviours. Ensure staff know what inclusion in the workplace looks like.

Helpful resources

Download the workplace action kit

Workplace action kit


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